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Thank you for visiting our site! Little Bitterroot Ranch is a 4th-generation family-owned cattle operation located in the foothills of the Little Bitterroot Valley. The ranch is operated by Frank and Marilynn Carr, with their son Shannon being the fourth generation. The region is semiarid (9 inches annually). Cattle range on dry land pastures until midsummer when they are put on irrigated pastures. We run around 200 mother cows; selling 40 bulls per year.

We are taking a different approach in marketing our bulls this year after selling them in the Bulls of the Big Sky sale for seven years. It has been impressed on us that we would like a closer working relationship with our customers, for we have said many times, relationships are more important than the cattle sold. We miss the hands on feeding and managing of our bulls to ensure soundness, quality, and trouble free breeding stock. Therefore, we are excited to offer a phenomenal set of bulls this year through private treaty here on the ranch.

Visitors are always welcome to view our cattle on the ranch. Please feel free to set up a time for viewing and join us for a hot cup of coffee or a meal. If coming to the ranch does not work for you, please give us a call! Or you can view the pictured and videoed lots by clicking on the ad above or clicking on “2017 Bull Sale” under the “Cattle Sales” header. We don’t want this web site to be something you use only once a year during Bull Sale time, so please feel free to see what we are up to throughout the year by reading our blog or try out one of our tasty beef recipes.

Frank & Marilynn Carr

Latest News
Happenings at LBR
Calving Time February 22, 2017 - The goal was to get a post done about calving season while we were in the midst of it, but honestly we were just surviving.  We started calving during the cold snap of twenty-five below temps.  Like many calving in January of this year, our time was spent basically living with the cows.  It was Read More
Newest Recipe
Where’s the Beef?
Mongolian Beef January 24, 2017 - This recipe has quickly become my family's favorite.  In fact my daughter just requested it for her Birthday dinner.  My husband first made it for us with moose when we lived in Alaska.  We called it Mongolian Moose.  After moving back to the ranch the name has switched to Mongolian Beef.  As you can tell Read More