We believe in balanced trait selection, not focused on extremes in single trait selections. The cows need to be efficient feed converters in various environmental conditions. The bottom line is cattle need to be easy keepers having weaning performance, fertility, docility, sound feet and legs, and carcass value. Calving ease and birth weight have been selected for and trouble free Simmental are LBR’s mission. Extremes in growth have not been our goal but instead we have focused on moderate cattle with longevity.

All our cows and bulls are tested for homozygous polled and homozygous black. The whole cattle herd has been tested for genetic defects and any known carriers for DD, CA, NH, or AM are culled. The cattle at Little Bitterroot Ranch have to meet a high standard in order to remain in the herd. Our goal is to have satisfied customers that return year after year.