Our sale format will be by Private Treaty.  The base price has been established and bulls are available for your viewing and purchasing from now till sold.  The base price would secure your purchase but any price offer would be entertained.

TERMS OF THE SALE Half down at time of purchase with the remaining at delivery.

DELIVERY AND FEEDING Our goal is to deliver around April 1st.   LBR will deliver free up to 300 miles and at cost beyond that.

FEEDING  The bulls will be fed free of charge until April 1st.  If buyer requests for bull to remian here after April 1st we will charge $3.00 per day per head.  The bulls were weaned on Oct. 15, 2019 averaging 906 lbs.   Fed Head Start for 28 days followed by going onto Mountain West processed non pelleted ration at one percent of body weight along with long stem hay.  Bulls have been gaining extremely well on this ration at 3.81 pounds per day average for the first 70 days.  There has been no health issues and no going off feed.

GUARANTEE LBR’s mission is to provide quality, sound and trouble free breeding stock. All bulls will be fertility tested and guaranteed to be ready for breeding before delivery. With the desire to stand behind our cattle we will give a guarantee against breeding soundness, injury and death for the first breeding season (90 days from turn out) for all bulls selling for $3500 or more. A satisfactory replacement will be provided or a credit will be issued for next year’s sale for the bulls purchase price less salvage value. A certified veterinarian statement of problem will be required to receive credit and LBR reserves the right to have the bull returned if deemed necessary.

RETAINED SEMEN INTEREST The bull buyer will receive full possession, 100% salvage value and 2/3 semen interest of any bull purchased while LBR will retain 1/3 semen interest in any bull that sells. LBR retained semen interest is a royalty interest that entitles LBR to 1/3 of any revenue from the sale of that bull’s semen. LBR’s retained semen interest shall remain even if the bull, or any interest in the bull, is later sold to a third-party; and the Buyer shall be solely responsible to notifying any later third-party buyer of LBR’s retained semen interest and for ensuring that LBR’s semen interest is satisfied if semen is ever sold. LBR will not be responsible for any expenses directly or indirectly related to semen collection or promotion of bull unless the Buyer and LBR agree otherwise in writing prior to semen collection. LBR also retains the right to collect semen on the purchased bull at our sole expense and at the Buyer’s convenience.

HEALTH The bulls were given Pyramid5 Presponse,Vision 8, and worm vaccination along with their booster shots.

REGISTRATION LBR will transfer registration papers on all registered bulls to Buyer.