Our ranch started out in the hands of Frank’s Grandfather, Andrew Carr, in the year of 1912. He moved here from Minnesota with big dreams of a new life during the Homestead years. Andrew’s middle son, Norman, took over the Homestead from his father and proceeded to buy several other Homesteads in the valley, making up the land that is part of the Little Bitterroot Ranch today. In the late 60’s and early 70’s Frank started taking over the family ranch from Norman. Frank’s vision was to A.I. to the best cattle available, breeding Angus to Hereford cows. Realizing the advantage in heterosis, he decided to try the new breeds coming in. The first Simmental were bred on the ranch in 1972. After seeing the increase in growth and genetic potential, we have never looked back!

Frank and Marilynn Carr raised 4 children who were actively involved in the ranch and showing cattle throughout their growing up years. Shannon, the oldest, is now the 4th generation continuing the legacy of ranching in the Little Bitterroot Valley. Frank and Marilynn have enjoyed providing a place for their 21 grandchildren to visit and participate in this unique and wonderful way of life the Lord has blessed them with. They feel it is important to foster the passage of knowledge, hard work, dedication, integrity, and love of their Lord and Savior on to the next generations.