This is the full list of sires used at Little Bitterroot Ranch. Note that some sires may not necessarily have bulls available in the current sale.

  • CCR Speak Now 6178G - Reference Sire :: 3/4 SM 1/4 AN – Homo Black – Homo Polled An excellent blend of striking balance coupled with impeccable figures.  He rank in the upper tier of the breed for growth while having a modest BW figure
  • CLRS Herdbook 316H - Reference Sire :: 5/8 SM 3/8 AN – Homo Black – Homo Polled Sons & daughters alike are drawing attention and topping sales across the country because they do it all.  Herdbook is balanced both in his physical make up as well as his genetic preditions.  Elcellent hoof quality and superb disposition with a big middle and stout, square hip.  His dam is a full sister to "CLRS "Grade A 875A & CLRS Always Excellent, the dam of Guardian & Homeland.
  • GW Hilger One 454H - Reference Sire :: 3/4 SM 3/16 An 1/169 AR – Red – Homo Polled Hilger offers balanced EPDs with great spread from birth to yearling and boosts tp[ 10% ranking for both API and TI.  He makes uniques purebreds as well as elite composites.
  • Ha Justice 30J - Reference Sire :: Purebred – Homo Black – Homo Polled Justice combines extraordinay dollar indexes and balanced EPD profile with a highly functional, smooth made phenotype.
  • HBHR Honor H060 - Reference Sire :: Purebred – Homo Black – Homo Polled Honor has fabulous thickness, depth of body and balqance.  He offers the definition of phenotypic excellence with tremendous power, muscle, shape, depth, foot quality and softness with nearly ideal structure.  Exhibits top 10% calving ease & birth weight. True to his Beacon line with high marbling, big ribe eyed cattle.  Should be breed imrpover with ease of calving, top tier growth, & carcass quality.
  • KBHR Bold Ruler H152 - Reference Sire :: Purebred – Homo Black – Homo Polled This thick-made, deep-sided powerhouse is very sound and balanced in his design.  He offers outstanding EPDs.  Top 1% ranking for both API & TI and phenotypic quality to be a breed-impact sire with 14 EPDs ranking 35% or better.  He reads calving ease, growth, maternal, docility, high marbling, & end product value.
  • LBR New Horizon H801 - Herd Sire :: 3/4 SM 1/4 AN – Homo Black – Homo Polled We are very pleased with 801 progeny. They are born moderate. Females have that attractive female look. Bulls have gained .22 above the average. Look at comments on Lot 22.